BRUCE BOLT Batting Glove: Flexibility Meets Style

Experience the epitome of quality and durability with BRUCE BOLT Batting Glove, handcrafted from superior Cabretta leather. The design offers a unique fit, moulding to your fingers and wrist curvature, and padded reinforcements for enhanced durability and protection. Boost your game with optimally supported wrists, and enjoy ongoing softness and flexibility with easy-to-maintain gloves. Discover the BRUCE BOLT difference and elevate your baseball performance today.


Short Cuff BRUCE BOLT Batting Glove: Where Exceptional Quality Meets Perfect Fit

Raise the bar of your baseball game with the BRUCE BOLT Batting Glove — the hallmark of quality and durability. Meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans utilizing superior 0.9mm Cabretta leather and top-notch stitching techniques, these gloves elevate your performance while ensuring an exceptionally soft and comfortable fit.

The unique composition of the Cabretta leather guarantees durability and provides a remarkable ‘feel’. It’s not just soft but stays soft, without getting hard or crunchy. A simple rub of leather conditioner keeps them as good as new. Elevated with padded reinforcement areas, the double-reinforced palms assure not just longevity but also added protection to your hands, preserving them for seizing victories.

Experience enhanced wrist support with our improved design that incorporates 50% more cuff and an upgraded lycra composition. This optimal combination renders a traditional batting glove with superior wrist support.

BRUCE BOLT Batting Gloves have been engineered to perfection with the human hand as a blueprint. The glove fingers adapt to the conical shape of human fingers, and the palm design molds to the curvature of the wrist. This focus on design detail ensures increased glove comfort, and notably, more durability due to minimized stitching near the major wear points.

Our gloves bear the BRUCE BOLT identity with a raised and stitched “BOLT” logo, a reflection of our commitment to the highest standards and superior quality.

The BRUCE BOLT Batting Gloves come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are eager to have you experience the best in baseball with BRUCE BOLT. If they fall short of your expectations in any way, we stand ready to make it right. Step up to exceptional craftsmanship, unmatched comfort, and enhanced performance with BRUCE BOLT Batting Gloves– your perfect companion in the pursuit of baseball brilliance!

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