Franklin 12.5″ Unisex Baseball Glove: Lead the Field

Experience superior game-readiness with the Franklin 12.5″ Unisex Baseball Glove, designed for quick break-ins and optimal performance. The glove features a customizable Contour Fit System for unparalleled comfort and a durable, premium synthetic leather construction. The hand-formed pocket ensures secure catches and scoops every time. Upgrade your game with this glove today and see the difference it can make in your performance.


Franklin 12.5″ Unisex Baseball Glove: Lead the Field with Unparalleled Comfort

Experience the true feeling of game-readiness with the Franklin 12.5″ Unisex Baseball Glove. Indulge in the lightweight and responsive design that enables an easy and quick break-in period. Ideal for baseball, softball, or teeball – take command of your game quicker than ever before.

The innovative Contour Fit System is customizable with a thumb-adjustment technology. This system is designed to expand or tighten perfectly around your hand, providing a snug fit that caters to all players, ensuring flexibility and enhancing performance.

Robust and long-lasting, the glove showcases thick, premium synthetic leather construction that mimics the performance and durability of a genuine leather mitt, minus the lengthy break-in period. This mimetic design boosts durability, making for great value and longevity.

Exceptional comfort meets superior performance in the hand-formed pocket, designed to offer maximum comfort and responsive feel. Experience unparalleled deftness and say goodbye to drops with strategic scoops and secure catches.

(Note for Franklin 12.5″ Unisex Baseball Glove User: Left Hand Throw glove – worn on the right hand for left-hand throws; Right Hand Throw – glove worn on the left hand for right-hand throws.)

Stand out on the field with Franklin’s 12.5″ Unisex Baseball Glove and elevate your game to new un-imagined heights. Grab yours today and pave your way to the top!

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