Franklin Sports MLB Ball: Show Your Nationals Pride

Show off your Nationals pride with the Franklin Sports MLB Team Ball. Its soft, cushioned design is perfect for young learners and its detailed team logo makes it a stellar addition to your home or office décor. This baseball is more than just a toy—it’s a symbol of team spirit, an inspiring gift for young fans, and a unique décor piece. Live the game with the Franklin Sports MLB Team ball.

Nurture Future Champions with Franklin Nationals MLB Ball

Bring the spirit of the baseball diamond right to your home with our Franklin Sports MLB Ball. Lovingly crafted to represent your favourite team – the Washington Nationals, these balls personify team pride, whether you’re on the field, at home, or in the office.

Franklin Sports MLB balls are designed with a soft, cushioned synthetic surface and interior, making them bouncier and softer than regular baseballs. This gentleness makes them perfect for kids who are just learning the game, ensuring they can practice without fear of hard impacts.

Featuring detailed MLB team designs, these balls are a crisp addition to your desk or office, broadcasting your Nationals fan spirit to all visitors. Made with a metallic and pearl PVC cover surrounding a soft sponge core, the Franklin Sports MLB ball is not just a toy, but a fantastic piece of decoration that brightens any environment.

Available for all 30 MLB teams, we’ve ensured all fans can join the action and proudly display their team spirit. Choose the Franklin Sports MLB Ball and express your loyalty to the Washington Nationals, inspire your kids, and add a spark to your office or home decor. Show off your team spirit, because being a fan is much more than just watching the game—it’s living it.

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