EvoShield Sliding Mitt: Royal Look for Left Handers

EvoShield’s Youth Sliding Mitt is a game-changer for young athletes, combining protection, versatility, and style. The mitt features secure hand shields and an adjustable wrist strap, offering unrivaled safety during slides. With its reversible design, it caters to both left and right-hand players. Choose EvoShield and let your young players focus on their game, assured in the protection offered by their stylish and functional mitt.

Enjoy the Majestic Grip with EvoShield Left Hand Sliding Mitt

Elevate your game, as well as your peace of mind, with the EvoShield Sliding Mitt. Designed to offer excellent protection, this mitt features protective shields that cover both the top and underside of the hand, ensuring your fingers remain safe during those impressive slides.

This mitt proudly flaunts an elastic compression strap, designed to provide adjustable wrist support, and offer a quick on and off experience. The unique thumb hole adds to its versatility, giving you the freedom to either keep your thumb out or tuck it in for greater comfort and protection.

One of the standout features of this fascinating mitt is its reversible design, making it compatible for both left and right hand. With the guard coverage of 3.75″ x 9″, these mitts thoroughly protect the hand and fingers from sports-related injuries.

Recommended for players under the age of 12, the versatile and protective EvoShield sliding mitt can help younger athletes stay focused on the game without worrying about their safety.

The EvoShield Youth Sliding Mitt offers the perfect balance of functionality and comfort. It’s not only about playing the sport; it’s about playing it safely and stylishly. Choose EvoShield today, and help your young champion take every slide with confidence!

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