Best Baseball Training Aids – All Coach or Player Needs

This best baseball training aids naturally includes basic baseball essentials such as baseballs, bats, batting helmets, and gloves/mitts. However, it also includes individual pieces of equipment designed specifically for training. You can’t go into a training session without the right equipment to best support both you and your players.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best baseball training aids for baseball coaches and players so that coaches and players can reach their full potential sooner.

Baseball Equipment Checklist

Necessary things:

  1. Baseballs
  2. Baseball bats
  3. Baseball gloves
  4. Batting helmet
  5. Catcher gear
  6. Water


  1. Cleats
  2. pants
  3. Batting gloves
  4. Sliding shorts
  5. Baseball socks
  6. baseball hat
  7. Baseball belt
  8. Compression arm/leg sleeves

Training Aids:

  1. Baseball Tees
  2. Batting Cage
  3. Pitching Machine
  4. Ball Practice
  5. Cone or Marker
  6. Swing Instructor
  7. L-screen
  8. Hitting Practice Net

Safety Items:

  1. First aid kit
  2. Cell Phone
  3. Baseball Coach Binder

Transportation and Organization:

  1. Rolling cart
  2. Bucket and ball organizer
  3. Dugout organizer
  4. Carabiner clips

baseball hitting trainer

Coach’s Necessary things

Coaches want their program to be as organized as they can make it so that the few training hours are as regular as they can make them. This is synonymous with taking less time and quickly locating the necessary equipment on the practice field. As a result, trainers can make the most of the given timeline for training and devote more time to enhancing your team’s individual and team skills. Every coach has a few must-have items to maximize his and his team’s performance.

1. Baseball Coach Bag

During training sessions, an organized trainer becomes an organized program. Therefore, coaches must have a baseball coach bag to keep line-up cards, baseball buckets, and notepads in an accessible place. Also, coach bags come in two different sizes, trolley and backpack style. Therefore, coaches should choose which bag style will work best for them. Coaches with back problems should stick with trolley-style bags. Coaches on a tight budget, on the other hand, need a backpack or carry-on style bag.


2. Pocket Radar Ball Coach

Ball Coach Speed Radar by Pocket. One of the most popular methods for improving speed nowadays is radar. It is actively used to train players in various sports like baseball, hockey, softball, volleyball, cricket, and many more. It is a highly accurate instrument that can record precise measurements of the ball’s speed while in flight.


3. Coach’s Board

Without the right drills and training, team play cannot start. However, they were first written on a coach’s board before becoming actual plays. With this in mind, we advise coaches to find a high-quality line-up board, play board, and any related tools like a notepad and pen.


4. Hitting Practice Net

One of the key components of almost any baseball training session is hitting. There are many things that can go wrong with a hitter’s swing: poor positioning, timing, grip, bat height, weight, and more. A hitting practice net can come in to help you and your players immensely. With this net, you can closely watch your player’s swing without worrying about where the ball is going. It holds it conveniently and safely. You can even use it indoors! It can be used by pitchers to practice their pitch without constantly running after the ball. It’s easily one of the most popular and most used tools in baseball training – and for good reason!

baseball training stick

Training Gear that every Player Needs

Whether you’re helping a kid get his first experience at the plate or a veteran returning for a season, you need to make sure you have the gear to compete!

Players can find a concise and thorough list of all essential baseball equipment in this article.

1. Baseball

Baseball is needed to play baseball. You will probably need them. Baseball is undoubtedly the number one tool.


2. Baseball Bats

The second piece you should have as a baseball coach is a selection of baseball bats. There is no better symbol of baseball than a good bat. Often made of wood or aluminum, getting a quality bat is an expensive purchase. Players can use their own bats, but it never hurts for some variety. You never know when a bat might break and be prepared means you’re prepared just in case it happens. If you use bats while playing, make sure the bats are league certified.

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3. Baseball Glove

Everyone needs a good baseball glove. The first type you need will be a fielder’s glove. Most of these gloves come in leather or synthetic leather. Important aspects are the right size and trusted brand names.

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4. Baseball Helmet

Of course, protecting your head must be your main priority. The players’ safety depends on the use of batting helmets. You need a strong batting helmet as well as a solid mouthguard. A mouthguard may take some getting used to, but it will be worth it to protect your teeth from sharp shock balls coming your way.


5. Baseball Cleats

Baseball cleats do more than just keep you from being barefoot on the field. Good cleat design keeps your foot strong as you run back to catch the ball. Your cleats will take the greatest abuse out of all your equipment, so take good care of the outside of the game and buy good ones to avoid having to replace them.

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6. Clothing

Generally, a league will offer uniforms. It matters what you wear under the uniform. You’ll need a cup, comfortable shoes, sliding shorts, and athletic supporters. It will keep you secure and safe from anything that happens down the field.


7. Bag

If you’re a catcher, you’ll have a lot of gear. So, you need a carrying case that keeps everything together. Size and efficiency are great in terms of quality.

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8. Water Bottle and Sunglasses

Hydration is very important. Players must bring their own water or sports drink, so a water bottle nearby is always a must. Even if a cooler is available, having your own supplies can be a clutch.

During downtime, sunglasses protect your eyes. They can save your life when you don’t have to concentrate.


1. What should baseball coaches wear?

A baseball coach should wear something presentable to the team such as a nice pair of khakis and a shirt.


2. What makes a good baseball coach?

Before coaching a baseball team, a coach needs to possess a leadership mindset. Without the right qualities of a leader, communication between the coach and the team will prove ineffective.

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