Tanner Tees Premium Baseball Softball Batting Tee

Tanner Tees is a company that makes the best baseball tee. The company’s unique tee design has been designed and fine-tuned to provide the finest training experience possible. Every Tanner Tee FlexTop is hand-rolled in the United States, set us distinct from other baseball batting tee companies. The rubber we use to create each FlexTop, along with a unique assembly technique, results in a more robust and long-lasting top than other tees. Tanner Tee the original, the industry’s best-selling original Tanner batting tee, is ideal for players of all ages and ability levels. Adjustments are simple because of the patented hand-rolled flexible rubber. The Tanner pro hitting tee comes with a weighted base, and a skid-resistant rubber top, and can be conveniently transported in a bat bag. Weighted baseballs are yet another great hitting aid for hitters. Weighted baseballs teach hitters to swing through baseball and encourage good hip rotation. The Tanner Tee is Tanner’s most popular and universal best baseball tee, consisting of two parts: an adjustable metal stem and a nine-inch weather-resistant base. This is a best-seller, with excellent, unprompted feedback from Tanner Tee customers.

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best baseball tee

Tanner Tee the Orginal| Premium Baseball/Softball Batting Tee w/ Tanner Original Base, Patented Hand-rolled FlexTop, Adjustable Height: 26-43 inches (TT001):

Customers include professional baseball organizations, thousands of college baseball and softball programs, and each level up to the first-time t-baller.

  • Tanner tee is the original Pro style batting tee with rolled rubber top.
  • More travel ball, collegiate, and professional players use this batting Tee than any other.
  • Our patented, hand-rolled flexible rubber ball allows you to feel the t-not ball in contact with the rest hitters.
  • Tanner Tee is the original adjustable 26-43 inch.

Product Feature:

Hand-Rolled Flextop

Hand-Rolled Flextop

For the most authentic hitting experience during tee work, the hand-rolled rubber FlexTop allows you to feel the ball, not the tee, during impact.

Easy Height Adjustments

Easy Height Adjustments

Patented friction technology allows for simple and smooth height adjustments.

USPTO No. 6682445, 7281998

Safe & Easy Transport

Safe & Easy Transport

The bases are rounded to provide safe play and transport in your game day bag.

Ball Presentation & Visibility

Ball Presentation & Visibility

Baseball/Softball hitters contact the precise section of the ball to produce line drives without ever feeling the tee since the ball is elevated on the tee.

Patented FlexTop

Patented FlexTop

Every Tanner Tee FlexTop is hand-rolled in the United States, distinguishing us from other baseball batting tee companies. The rubber we use to create each FlexTop, along with a unique assembly technique, results in a top that is more resilient and long-lasting than other tees.

The flexible yet strong rubber allows the bat to pass through the contact point with the least amount of interference (and without damaging your bat), providing instant feedback with each hit. Because the baseball or softball is resting high on the tee, hitters will concentrate on making contact with the correct part of the ball to produce line drives, never feeling the tee. For more than two decades, we’ve been rolling the FlexTop with our signature flap by hand. You’ll notice the training benefit and durability our FlexTop provides from the first repetition off of the Tanner Tee.

best baseball tee

Technical Details:

# Title Details
1 Brand Name ‎TANNER
2 Package Weight ‎3.04 Kilograms
3 Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎25.5 x 10 x 3.5 inches
4 Color ‎‎Metal/Black
5 Material ‎Composite
6 Suggested Users ‎Mens
7 Size ‎‎‎‎‎‎Adjustable Height: 26″ – 43″
8 Item Weight ‎‎‎‎‎‎6 Pounds
9 Included Components ‎‎‎‎Adjustable Tanner Tee stem with Base
10 Part Number ‎‎‎‎‎TT001
11 Sport Type ‎‎‎‎Baseball, Slow Pitch Softball, Softball

It is sustainable. It has a flex top that is not the usual type of hard rubber that cracks, it is a more flexible type that won’t break. It lasted after many miss-hits and didn’t break even months later. The lightweight factor is both a positive and a negative. Due to its lightweight, it falls easily when there is an occasional miss-hit. The height of the Tee can also be easily adjusted. The minimum height is about 26 inches, and its maximum height is about 43 inches. This does exactly what it is designed to do. And it is the lowest price.


Would this be appropriate for a 6-year-old? Or is it too big?

Ans: Height can be adjusted. It will operate perfectly and will last for years as he grows. I would buy him when he is six without hesitation.

Does Tanner make the T that adjusts for inside or outside pitches?

Ans: The tee only moves up and down, not side to side. By moving the tee closer or farther away from the batter, you may adjust for practicing inside or outside pitches.

What is the dimension of the square base? 

Ans: The base on Tanner Tee is 9×9 inches.

Does it tip over easily?

Ans: If you hit it correctly, it will hardly ever tip over.

Can the tee be used for softball?

Ans:  Yes. It’s dependable for both baseballs and softballs

Why It’s a Great Tee?

Tanner Tee is often much higher. It’s lightweight, incredibly stable, has a telescopic shaft, and unscrews from the base, making it simple to travel. It will fit in any bat bag and last a long time. Sizes are available in a variety of sizes. Both sizes of tees are telescopic, allowing the ball to be placed in any part of the strike zone. Tanner Tee weight is designed to go over the base. When you strike, this will assist keep it in place. Baseball batting tees are the most valuable training aids for the hitter to develop muscle memory, as well as hand-eye coordination skills during batting exercises. This item was constructed with long-lasting materials. It is incredibly sturdy because to the metal post and robust foundation. The Flextop provides immediate input. It’s simple to transport. The batting tee became a necessary tool for modern hitters to measure swing mechanics, exit velocity, and many other data points as they developed in their game. Solid construction, easy coordination, and a patented FlexTop Tanner Tees makes an easy decision for professional organizations, facilities, collegiate programs, high school teams, recreational leagues, and home hitters.


Tanner Tee is great for any level of baseball and softball batting practice, because of its solid metal construction and easy height adjustments. The Tanner Tee is lightweight and fits into almost any bat bag. The original hand-rolled FlexTop, which has become the industry standard, allows hitters to feel the ball at contact, allowing them to develop the muscle memory needed to grove their ideal swing.

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