BBCOR bats are commonly used for high school and collegiate baseball, and they are outperformed by USSSA bats in terms of performance. The Travel League and baseball championships are governed by the USSSA. Ironically, USSSA bats perform BBCOR bats when tested against the same bat criteria that give the term “BBCOR” its name.

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The full form of BBCOR is ‘Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution. Non-wood bats must imitate the performance of wood bats by controlling the amount of energy wasted when hitting a baseball. The BBCOR standard, on the other hand, measures the energy lost when the ball comes out of the bat. The greater the trampoline effect, the faster the ball will get off the bat.


USSSA Bats stands for ‘United States Specialty Sports Association’. Wooden bats are allowed at all USSSA levels. This can be a great alternative to low-cost exercise bats. However, we do not recommend using wooden sticks as they put you/your player at a disadvantage in terms of performance.

How Do You Know If a Bat is BBCOR Certified?

A bat’s BBCOR certification cannot be recognized just by looking at it. You can’t guess its BBCOR value just by holding it in your hand. Check the BBCOR Certified Mark on the bat for the best results. This BBCOR Certified Mark, however, will only be seen on non-wood bats, such as aluminum or composite bats.

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How Do You Know If a Bat is USSSA Certified?

To find out what standard the USSSA BAT is certified for, look at the stamp on it. It has the USSSA bat stamp imprinted on them, and its diameter around the barrel part cannot exceed 2.75 inches. The USSSA baseball bats are approved by the USSSA and manufactured by certified baseball bat manufacturers. The USSSA standard is not subject to USA baseball bat restrictions, so all players wishing to participate in The USSSA baseball must use a USSSA baseball-certified racquet.

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New USSSA Bat Seal: THE USSSA is moving the bat test to its new advantage, NTS Chesapeake. There will be a new seal for the USSSA baseball bats to indicate bats tested by the NTS.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a BBCOR Bat?

BBCOR bats have a length-to-weight ratio of -3 ounces. These bats are necessary for usage in high school and college baseball games. If composite bats are used, BBCOR is required for participants in youth baseball leagues between the ages of 12 and 14. Otherwise, a USSSA could be acceptable. Players aged 15 to 18 or in high school must use BBCOR-certified non-wood bats with a maximum length of 36 inches. Although hitting with a BBCOR bat is not as forceful as hitting with a -5 USSSA bat, it is still required.

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What Are the Benefits of Buying a USSSA Bat?

The USSSA Bat is the perfect solution for those who want a heavier bat without losing control. Because of its greater surface area compared to other bats on the market today, it’s created particularly for more power and may enhance striking strength and faster departure speed! USSSA, which makes the top-performing youth baseball bats on the market, is unaffected by the new regulation. Bats that are USSSA-compliant are meant to maximize a hitter’s power while also understanding the principles of swinging to achieve top performance.

Which is Better between BBCOR and USSSA?

Choosing a baseball bat might be difficult with so many options currently available. It’s difficult to know where to begin with so many things to consider. Bat weight, length, grip, manufacturer, material, and, most importantly, price should all be considered. Furthermore, the bat you choose will almost always be determined by the level of baseball you play. Baseball bats come in a variety of certifications and categories. Bats must fulfill specific specifications in different leagues and age levels. These certificates also show whether a bat meets a given standard. Baseball bats can be certified in a variety of ways, but the two most popular are BBCOR and USSSA.


Despite the fact that USSSA bats have improved their performance due to the rise of BPF, they are used in youth baseball where young players cannot fully improve their skills. However, they are employed at the youth level to help younger and less experienced players improve their performance. BBCOR bats are used by older, stronger, and more experienced players who have less BPF but can still achieve great results despite having lower BPFs.

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